New and exciting Product of the Month : GoldiBlox

In a world where men dominate in sciences, engineering and technology, and where science kits are for "boys", it's time to get every child excited about science! Cause let’s face it, science is AWESOME! And girls have been missing out on the fun...

SO we are super excited at Professor Plums to be stocking GoldiBlox - engineering and construciton kits from a female perspective.

With each kit based around a real engineering concept, GoldiBlocks is the perfect combination of creativity, science and fun. Follow the adventures of Goldie, a quirky inventor who with her group of friends (and your help) solves problems and create crazy contraptions.

Follow the story book included to find out what Goldie is trying to create, then use the pieces included to create an invention she and her friends can use. Once you are done, you can even upload your own creations to the GoldiBloxs website here

Check out this fantastic ad for Goldibloxs here!

Available in store and online.