The original Boogie Board tablet that started a revolution. Ultra light (0.1 kg) and thin (0.31 cm). One just isn’t enough. Get one for on the go, in the office and multiple places around the house. Almost anywhere you’d keep memo pads, sticky notes or scrap paper. The paper replacement is here! Available in multiple colours.

The perfect paperless drawing companion for anyone in need of writing copious lists, jotting down ideas, sketching, doodling, solving maths problems, handwriting and practising spelling. It' s great for little ones to adults, and can be used with the companion stylus pen, or even your own fingers. Touch sensitive, you can create thick or thin lines using pressure.

Once you have finished one task on your Boogie Board, simply press erase to clear the board and now you can start on some much needed creative time.  The multi purpose Boogie Board does all of this for you, again and again, with the LCD display lasting 50,000 uses. If you erase your tablet 20 times a day, the included battery can last an incredible 6 years!

Save on paper and the environment will thank you for it, whilst you boogie down with your Boogie Board.