Ever hear the myth that a goldfish’s memory lasts for three seconds? That’s the sort of tall tale that the Mythbusters team will go to extreme lengths to disprove. And now you have the chance to discover the truth behind the myth too with the Mythbusters Science Exploration Kits! Conduct your own trial and error experiment with three awesome kits. Launch your very own water powered rocket and discover if a person can really walk on water with the Weird World of Water kit. If collisions are more your cup of tea, then the Crashes and Collisions kit is perfect for you. Race your very own car and conduct crash tests of your own. Or discover the science behind air pressure and build your very own marshmallow cannon with the Power of Air Pressure kit. Whichever you chose, you can guarantee it will be chock-a-block with crazy scientific experiments and lots of fun! Ages 9+