Looking for a new pen? Sick of ball points? Try the old fashioned Quill for added quirkiness.

Quills were the most popular writing instrument in the 16th to 19th centuries. Primarily from a large bird feather, such as a goose, traditional quills were used on parchment and vellum, which were the perfect mediums for a quills delicate nib. The feather quill was hand cut with a carefully cut slit that would allow the ink to rise into hollow part of the feather but would not split when in use. A quill was even used to write the American Declaration of Independence.

However in the early 19th century, the Dip pen became the preferred writing tool, due to its tougher nib made from  metal. Dip pens get their name due to the need for constant 'dipping' into an ink well. It was after the Dip pen that the preliminary ball point pen was invented and is still used today.

Our quills at Professor Plum's are actually a combination of the Quill and Dip pen. The metal nib is connected to the feather, combining the best elements of both pens. The nib is perfect for calligraphy and due to its ability to draw thin and thick lines. However our quills are also great for any Harry Potter fans or for those who want a flamboyant pen! Great gift for many ages, our Quills are a little bit of history in your hands.