When it came to writing a new blog post in 2013, the team at Professor Plum's thought we should start the new year with a post about a new product. However, as much as we love our gadgets sometimes it’s refreshing to go back to basics with a review of our Chess Sets. Our Chess set with travel bag is the perfect gift for a beginner or a chess addict.

Basically, Chess is a class logic game that requires skill and strategy, and allows its players to perfect tactics and phases so that they can corner their opponent in the end game and call check mate. Chess can be played at a relaxed level, where players go off instinct and logic and play at their own pace, or at a professional level, such as speed chess, where the competitors use stratagems and tactics to bet their opponent as quickly as possible, using as few moves as possible.

Chess has been revered by many prolific people throughout history. Benjamin Franklin himself was an avid chess player, going so far as to write an article called  'The Morals of Chess’ (1750) where he stated that 'the Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it".

However, Chess can be a great pastime for anyone, not just those who are experts. It is a game that can be picked up easily, played at different levels, with different ages and is one of the most universal and admired games in history. This makes it the perfect gift for almost anyone in your life and a great skill to teach to younger children.

So if you want to play chess, like Benjamin Franklin did, or just as a relaxed game with a friend, our Chess Set is perfect for you.