From left to right:: T-Rex Woodcraft Kit, Art from Scratch, IQ Puzzler, FM Radio Clip Circuit, Shrink Art, Supertooth (instore only), 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit (Instore only), Space Shuttle Nanoblock Kit, '

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy these holidays?

Get the kids excited about science with some our awesome kits these school holidays!

With the weather keeping the kids indoors, stop them going stir crazy with some fun activities that will get their minds working and smile on their faces!

We have kits for kids of all ages and abilities: from robots that you have to put together (14 in 1 Solar Robot), turning your drawings into keyrings (Shrink Art Kit) to the whole family enjoying a prehistoric themed card game (Super Tooth) and much more!

For more great products and ideas for holiday, check out our products online or instore. 

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